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Our vision Being an innovative healthcare provider that significantly improves patient satisfaction, affordability and, most importantly, geographic quality care. Our mission
  • Designing, implementing and scaling up African populations of models of unlimited access to quality health services through information and communication technologies
  • Providing high quality and innovative health care to populations
  • Improving education Of patients to stimulate demand in time
Our values Integrity, Ethics, Innovation, Quality and Continuous Commitment to Excellence The Charter of  TIC@ARE Group TIC @ ARE Group is led by a group of qualified speakers, each one in their field of expertise, always identifiable and available to offer quality care.
  • TIC@RE Group healthcare providers or consulting providers sign an agreement with the company, according to the recommendations of the National Council of the Medical Association. They undertake in this respect to respect professional secrecy and give the best of themselves to offer comfort and quality in the acts they pose.
  • Each doctor who intervenes is registered with the Council of the College of Physicians And mentions his / her qualification and his / her serial number as resulting from his / her registration with the Council of the Order of Physicians.
  • TIC@RE Group offers relevant medical advice, medical information, general answers to the requests made By users in the field of health.
  • Physicians undertake to provide, in the field of their ordinal qualifications, appropriate and intelligible information by Internet users, based on the data acquired from science.
  • Code of medical ethics. – This site is not intended to compete with clinical medicine, but to encourage the existing relationships between patient and doctor.
  • This platform aims to reduce access time to doctors and to be able to exchange more freely With physicians to ensure quality care.
  • Online information or advice is not a medical consultation and should not exempt the physician or the patient from actual consultation with a history and clinical examination which alone can allow Diagnosis and prescription.
  • Medical confidentiality: Users’ questions are transmitted to the TIC@RE Group doctor who responds directly to the user via secure messaging or by telephone.
  • The doctors act independently by TIC@RE Group and assume responsibility for the information they provide.
  • The identity of the user in contact with  TIC@RE Group is not guaranteed, the greatest vigilance regarding the respect of medical confidentiality and the possible psychological repercussions of information or advice is therefore requested.
The publication of medical information is verified by a physician or doctors, the articles signed by the medical editor.